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The difficulties and delays on the road

Life already comes with too many delays.

Delays will happen. Our lives are filled with them. That is why we have made it our mission to end the delays caused by bad routing and incorrect mapping. Using a four part process, our GIS mapping team is ending the effects of delays throughout the United States.


Studying county data, road maps, and other sources, our GIS map experts finds the imperfections of city and town roads, figuring out where the breakdown occurs.


With this arsenal of data, a Rural First GIS map technician carefully enters the data corrections of these routes into our state-of-art software to be utilized by dispatchers, county officials, employees and first responders.


Once completed, the corrections get evaluated for accuracy and best practices. Once approved, the maps become “live” for the software user to utilize in tandem with our GPS tracking hardware.


Our job evolves, as new data is sent in from GPS hardware, updates, and new map data for our experts to start the whole process over again.

How GPS works

It is because of CEO Robb Woolsey’s mother that we have made it a primary goal to build Rural First. When Mr. Woolsey’s mother died due to inaccurate mapping causing excessive delays in getting EMT personnel to her location, Robb knew that something had to change.

Rural First is the culmination of his efforts and we continue to focus on never letting incidents like Robb Woolsey’s mothers ever happen again.