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#1 GPS Tracking Software For Small Towns

Dispatch the right person.  At the right time.

Rural America is home to a significant share of the population and is the primary source of energy and food to the U.S. economy. That is why it is so important that Rural First focuses it’s efforts in both correcting the GIS mapping of counties throughout the United States and insure accurate GPS tracking of the vehicles these counties manage. Rural First offers GPS tracking software/hardware solutions and GIS map correction to countless services,industries and affiliations.

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Accuracy You Can Count On

97% of the United States is designated as rural and small town, and while GPS tracking and GIS mapping software have made impressive gains in metropolitan areas, rural routes on roadmaps including streets, roads, and byways remain sorely lacking, and at times, completely inaccurate. Through Rural First’s American Rural Mapping Initiative, it is our goal to correct bad mapping data, bad street locations, and poor address information to improve GPS tracking for these communities.  Our rural GPS software solutions and GIS mapping professionals are the best in the industry and give you the tools to improve emergency response time, reduce fuel costs due to vehicle idle, and make life easier in small town America.

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The Rural First mapping system designed for emergency services is more robust than any other system I have seen.

Sheriff Kevin Bond, Missouri Sheriffs Association

Kevin C. Bond

President / Missouri Sheriffs' Association

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#1 At Improving Rural Map & Street Data

World-class Mapping Experts

Having cutting-edge GPS technology is one thing, but what sets our service above the competition is our attention to detail. Detail that includes specially-trained GIS mapping experts that analyze every road, street, route, or dirt road that exists within all counties we service. Fixing these map errors is job one, so when a GPS unit says there is a road ahead, you can be rest assured that road is actually there.  This attention to detail makes our maps far more effective at finding the fastest route to emergency, reducing response time, saving gas, and saving lives.

One Solution For A Counties Needs

Our process is simple:  Analyze, Fix, Evaluate, and Repeat.

  • Analyze
    • Studying county data, road maps, and other sources, our GIS map experts finds the imperfections of city and town roads, figuring out where the breakdown occurs.
  • Fix
    • With this arsenal of data, a Rural First GIS map technician carefully enters the data corrections of these routes into our state-of-art software to be utilized by dispatchers, county officials, employees and first responders.
  • Evaluate
    • Once completed, the corrections are evaluated for accuracy and best practices. Once approved, the maps are made “live” for the software user to utilize in tandem with our GPS tracking hardware.
  • Repeat
    • Our job is never done, as new data is sent in from GPS hardware, updates and new map data for our experts to start the whole process over again.

This level of accuracy and attention to detail is our guarantee.  Just take a look at what the Missouri Sheriff’s Association had to say about our technology.

Rural First also offers GIS mapping and GPS tracking software & hardware solutions to corporations, small business, trucking fleets and private individuals.

The Benefits of Rural First GPS tracking software/hardware solutions and GIS map correction.

For dispatchers, fleet managers, county commissioners, assessors, city managers and anyone else in charge of a fleet of vehicles,  the first class GPS and GIS map solutions our customers use have a multitude of benefits that they will immediately appreciate and find beneficial.

  • Dispatch vehicles more effectively
  • Reduce idle time lowering fuel costs
  • Lower response time
  • Increase revenue through better dispatching
  • Improve customer service
  • Lower risk with real-time, live updates about emergencies
  • Immediate crash notification
  • Reduce production delays
  • Lower insurance costs
  • Maximize business return
  • Save lives with fewer mistakes & improved response
  • Heighten vehicle security
  • Avoid unplanned vehicle downtime
  • Get rid of unwanted paperwork
  • Know critical data about your fleet with deep data reporting
  • Improve vehicle maintenance
  • Customized alerts notifying of important situations
  • Track and keep an eye on valuable assets
  • And much, much more

Pettis County Sheriff Case Study

pettis county case study

In-vehicle tracking for:


  • Sheriff
  • Ambulance
    • Emergency Medical
    • Paramedics
    • First Responders
  • Fire & Rescue
  • Emergency Management
  • 911 Services
  • Assessors Offices
  • County Commissioners


  • Police Departments
  • Fire Departments
  • Public Works
  • Animal Control
  • City Managers
  • Environmental Services
  • 911 Emergency Communications
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Planning & Development


  • Education (Colleges & Universities)
  • Health (Hospitals & Clinics)
  • Safety
    • Transportation & Roads
    • Interactive Sign Management
  • Outdoor
    • Tourism & Recreation
    • Hunting & Fishing
    • Boating
    • Agriculture
    • Environmental Conservation

Select A Rural GPS Tracking Solution

Base GPS Solution

$12.00Monthly (If paid annual in annual subscription)

One Vehicle Location Update Every 24 HoursLocate On Command*Request A Demonstration

Entry GPS Solution

$13.75Monthly (If paid in annual subscription)

Vehicle Location Updates Every 15 Minutes**Locate On Command*Request A Demonstration

Control GPS Solution

$16.25Monthly (If paid in an annual subscription)

Vehicle Location Updates Every 15 Minutes**Locate On Command*Ignition On/OffExternal SensorsAlertsRequest A Demonstration

Vehicle Location Updates

*Ping any vehicle for an instant update on location.  Our 15 minute updates regularly appear in our state of the art GPS software solution **as long as the vehicle is moving above 19 miles per hour.  Our real time updates give you current location and movement of the vehicle ***every 30 seconds plus every 15 degree change of direction.

Ignition On/Off

Control excessive idle time from any location.  Track mileage, total engine hours and even get maintenance alerts to keep vehicles running in top condition.

External Sensors

No matter where your vehicle is Rural First GPS solutions will know details like sirens being turned on, lights are activate and even if a plow has been lowered or raised.  Be in the know.


Be safe in any rural location with our alert notification system built into the Rural First GPS tracking solution.  Panic buttons to alert an emergency has occurred, excessive speed notifications, maintenance updates, excessive idling and a host of other notifications are at your fingertips.