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The #1 rural GPS tracking solution.

You may never hear about us, but that’s just fine.  We’re the solution that virtually connected a farmer in Des Moines to his workers in the field increasing efficiency and yielding better results.

The dangers of the road
faster response for medical emergencies

We’re a better way of maintaining vehicles for a small delivery business in Chicago, reducing the harmful effects of engine failure and unnecessary repairs.

We’re an ambulance in Tulsa with improved response time getting to emergencies faster and saving more lives.

We’re a higher level of security and reporting for a construction crew in Sioux Falls protecting their equipment from thieves and providing management more accurate work hour reporting.

And we’re the sheriff in Springfield ensuring his deputies are safe and staying within budget by eliminating high-speed pursuits and limiting engine idle.

We are all these things and more, for all of these institutions, businesses and organizations with one thing in common.

People driven to do more.

To achieve more.

To do great things.

And they all knew to do great things requires solutions that are driven to do great things.

Tracking assets for construction
reducing idle time with GPS solutions

It must be true that you only hear about companies when someone complains, and that is why you may never hear about us.  And although we are perfectly fine with that, we do understand that you will know when things go right.

In the next customer experience.

In the next business result.

In the next dollar made.

In the next life saved.

And that is why we are trusted to provide GPS tracking and fleet management solutions, with a personal touch, to more and more individuals.  From the farmer in Des Moine, EMT in Tulsa, a business owner in Chicago, an entrepreneur in Kansas City, sheriff in Peoria, a baker in Chattanooga, and people all over the United States.
You don’t need to hear about us; you already know our name.

GPS tracking and fleet management leader

Why our tools are better.

Our solutions are built around our customers to provide the answers that best fits their industry. Find out for yourself how our GPS tracking and fleet management solutions offer more for your department, business or fleet. Choose from our handy buyer’s guide, informational case study, or schedule a free demonstration to get started today. With subscription prices starting at $12 per vehicle, it has never been a better time to benefit.

Fleet Management

A platform built on accuracy, for improved response time, faster delivery of products & services, and better routing from dispatch centers.

Managing your operation.

Our cloud-based GPS tracking software for fleet management and operations solutions enable businesses to better manage their drivers, vehicles and daily operations in the field with easy-to-use solutions for the team at the office or on the road.  Designed specifically to support business operations, county services, construction, and any other organization with assets, drivers, customers and off-site work.

For any type of enterprise, those that protect us like law enforcement and emergency responders, those that keep our economy running like small, medium-size businesses & corporations, and those that transport much-needed resources products & repairs like installers, technicians and cross-country shippers, it’s not just about tracking employees.  It’s about maintaining a fleet, managing an operation, and preventing the loss of valuable assets.  GPS tracking and operations solutions enable businesses to better manage drivers, vehicles, equipment, and operations in the field.  These solutions are designed specifically to support end-to-end management of the assets, drivers, customers, resources and jobs that keep these enterprises running efficiently.



Our platform makes certain dispatching vehicles is pinpoint accurate by aiming our efforts in both correcting the GIS mapping of counties throughout the United States and ensuring accurate GPS tracking of the vehicles these county’s manage.

Dispatch the right person at the right time.

97% of the United States receive the designation as the rural and small town, and while GPS tracking and GIS mapping software have made impressive gains in metropolitan areas, rural routes on roadmaps including streets, roads, and byways remain sorely lacking, and at times, completely inaccurate. Through our company’s American Rural Mapping Initiative, it is our goal to correct bad mapping data, wrong street locations, and inadequate address information to improve GPS tracking for these communities.  Our rural GPS software solutions and GIS mapping professionals are the best in the industry and give you the tools to improve emergency response time, reduce fuel costs due to vehicle idle, and make life easier in small town America.

Having cutting-edge GPS technology is one thing, but what sets our service above the competition is our attention to detail. The features include specially-trained GIS mapping experts that analyze every road, street, route, or dirt road that exists within all lines we service. Fixing these map errors is job one, so when a GPS unit says there is a road ahead, you can rest assured the path is there.  This attention to detail makes our maps far more efficient at finding the fastest route to an emergency, reducing response time, saving gas, and saving lives.


Our platform’s pinpoint accuracy means you will get to emergencies quicker, with less downtime, and no fuel waste.

Accuracy you can count on.

We are the leading GPS solution for rural sheriff, police, EMS, fire and first responders, and we didn’t get there by focusing on profit.  We got here through determination and a real desire to help.  97% of the United States is rural, but most efforts about response time and emergency services are aimed squarely at urban areas.  Most follow where the dollars go, and when cities with large populations have more revenue funneling into them through property and sales tax, small town and rural county operations are often not even considered due to limitations and budgetary constraints.  That is why we are so critical to the success of many emergency services and first responders in these areas.  We understand the struggles you face and how important you are in your communities.

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